We are an independent insurance agency that was started in 1937. Please contact us Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time, at 1-800-393-3319 or 336-889-4747.
Our email address is murraywhite@murraymwhiteinc.com

We are a full service agency representing major insurance companies. Please see our ‘Companies we Represent’ page for web site links to our insurance companies.
Our logo and sign reads “general insurance” which means we provide both personal and business insurance, as well as life, health, aviation, and bonds.

The real key to our long term success has been our employees. We now have a total of 21 employees with an average experience of over 17 years in the insurance industry.


Many people overlook the need to properly insure their expensive jewelry believing that it is automatically covered by their homeowners policy. While homeowners policies do cover jewelry, this insurance usually is subject to much lower limit than the overall contents coverage. This is called a "sublimit," and a typical sublimit is $1,500 for loss by theft of jewelry, watches, and precious and semiprecious stones. If your jewelry is worth more than the sublimit in your homeowners policy, you should consider purchasing specific insurance to cover it. The following is a good process to follow.